Nurse Ackerman shows you he is actually taken out of life support ages ago it is in some way nonetheless live

In the Fazbear Frights: Bunny Phone call, It’s revealed that from inside the solution unvierse, William immediately after enduring the fresh flame out of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza Place, with his body organs unwrapped, their deal with forgotten, and shed marks all-over his body. Brand new nursing assistant tells Arthur they feel the guy is evil, however, Arthur cannot consent and you will attempts to communicate with the person. In the course of time, the man signs that he desires to go to the Fazbear Entertainment Shipping Heart, and Arthur spends the remainder tale applying for consent for taking your indeed there.

Mia, a separate nursing assistant on Heracles, heard others nurses. The latest nurses realized that there try no good inside the kid, and you will intend on eliminating him, each one of the nurses made an effort to kill William, but did not do it. Nursing assistant Ackerman attempted to push morphine into the kid, however, Andrew interrupted the girl, and all of this new vials erupted. Nursing assistant Thomas made an effort to suffocate him which have a support, however, William barfed up bloodstream and you can an eco-friendly liquid, resulting in they to tear from pillow. Nurse Colton in the long run attempted to inject him having heavens to use and you will destroy your having an air embolism, getting an extra action from related by herself which have candles to store Andrew out. Simply for Andrew in order to turned the fresh syringe, plunging it for the the lady mouth, hardly thriving through this lady quick reflexes. During this period Blythe were able to pester a medical facility enough become offered temporary infant custody of the son when deciding to take your for the distribution cardiovascular system.

On the road to one’s heart, William starts dripping black blood and you will an excellent tar instance compounds. As he achieved one’s heart, he started to convolute and in the end exploded. Arthur sees footsteps growing on kid and you may leading to new toys. Andrew following uses his rage with assistance from Elo so you can infect the fresh new playthings, outfits, and you may animatronics. Including Bring, Ella, Foxy, Plushtrap Chaser, Ralpho, and Spring Bonnie.

Adopting the occurrences of your Guy for the Place 1280

Some time through to the events from Bring, William remains secured so you’re able to Andrew as opposed to his training for a long big date, till the section in which Andrew owned an enthusiastic animatronic puppy titled Fetch. It dog eventually wound up in the possession of Phineas Taggart, a researcher one examined person emotion and its own electricity. Someday, the brand new divided Bring animatronic, Simon and you will an enthusiastic animatronic endoskeleton were used in Phineas’ tests, the three stuff developed to form a being which had heartache over loaded in the away from various other miscellaneous items off his collection. This being relates to lives and you can kills your doctor.

Andrew awakens inside of the endoskeleton, conference several other lifeless kid titled Jake McNally, who’s in control of the body they have been during the. Andrew reveals that he had used their frustration so you’re able to contaminate an effective number of activities, back when he had been at the Fazbear Activities Delivery Cardio. Jake chooses to check around things and you may ruin him or her so they really would not produce people harm. With an effective sentient endoskeleton wandering around, it absolutely was bound to rise above the crowd of the some one, therefore is branded as an urban legend; The fresh Stitchwraith. William remains within the covering up throughout their have a look, planning to inform you himself if go out is great. During this time period when you look at the concealing, he was and additionally able to route Andrew’s rage, to ensure that any individual the new Stitchwraith moved noticed the new feelings pulsing courtesy them to the point whereby they bled black and passed away, hence forcefully flipping Andrew additionally the endoskeleton these people were within the towards the a destroying server.


Regarding epilogue out-of Blackbird, after Jake tried to remove Andrew to the his recollections to store your safe from the newest annihilation of Stitchwraith, William revealed themselves, earliest as the a colourful, shapeless blob, right after which as burnt skeletal son out of prior to, however, this time having a few bunny ears and you can a beneficial claw. Jake forfeited themselves by the shutting away confident ideas and pull your back off, releasing Andrew which disappeared into the a-glimmer off light viewed from the Larson. William’s heart next bonded on grand mound regarding junk comprising of your Plushtrap Chaser, Ella, Fetch and Foxy. Which fifteen feet extreme amalgamation, known as Agony, lunged on Everette Larson.