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>How’s it heading? I am aware this is exactly a long shot, however, have you figured out of any college or university or >set one to shows one just how to chat Sumerian? Thank you for your time and effort.

>We have a concern: try Sumerian related to the Ural Altaic dialects, >otherwise toward Indo european dialects? > >Doesn’t here exist one family members ranging from Sumerian as well as the semitic >vocabulary family relations?

>In my own alternatively basic examination of their impressive >work, I ran across several words and this can be construed >as financial systems off size; gur, a tool regarding volume more or less >equal to twenty-six bushels, kug otherwise ku, silver otherwise money, and you can gin otherwise >gig, a little axe head made use of because the money roughly comparable to a beneficial shekel. >Performed the new Sumerians have a familiar device of economic replace > 2400 so you can 2300 BC and you will, if that’s the case, the thing that was they?

Our records is way better to the Ur III several months undertaking 2100 BC compared to the existing Sumerian Ur II, Girsu/Lagash/Adab period which you discuss. About Ur III several months we have pills from different locations and you may minutes that provides this new silver equivalents of various degrees of additional products. With the several months which you speak about, I am aware there were standardized weights and you can steps, although they had been quite distinctive from the later months.

Indeed there appears to be some slight family relations anywhere between Sumerian and you may both Ural-Altaic and Indo-Western european

>i’m a current student for the 9th levels. i’m performing reveal search report. >and i also is questioning in the event the you knew exactly who a leader was of your sumerians.

That would probably be Queen Shulgi of your Third Dynasty off Ur. The guy reigned having 47 decades during a time of great prosperity, out-of 2094 to help you 2047 B.


>Just what factor will likely be supplied to the point that three clay pills >which has had sumerian pictographs created using regional clay , however, one thousand age >avove the age of the fresh oldest pills included in Mesopotamia , are observed during the a neighbor hood >where in fact the nearby metropolitan areas possess sumerian brands , URASTIE , >SIMERIA ; KUGIR ? Is it possible one sumerian teams has actually migrated >since the far northern because the west Rumania ?

It most likely is actually the fact you to definitely some very early Sumerian-speakers regarding Samarra society generated the way north in lieu of southern area.

The words you estimate do use the exact same mix of consonants and you can vowels given that Sumerian, but I would together with see if you can get him or her regarding much easier Sumerian terms and conditions, as possible to the genuine Sumerian lexicon.

Maybe you have went to Fred Hamori’s site which makes of a lot reviews of Sumerian to help you Uralic and you can Altaic words? There is a relationship to it near the base regarding my mesopotamian hyperlinks.

I’m regularly the new Vinca community ‘writing’, chatted about by Marija Gimbutas in her instructions additionally the topic from a great 1973 UCLA doctoral dissertation because of the Milton McChesney Winn. There have been throughout the two hundred icons used by the fresh new Southeast Europe Chalcolithic civilization. But simply for instance the Indus community software, it primarily exist into pottery. Yourself, I do believe they are heraldic family unit members emblems, and not attempts to promote message inside written signs. They are not the same as Sumerian writing.

> Yes , the newest Tartaria pills are part of the « Vinca » community , and that i >are accustomed Maria Gimbutas outstanding work , but have to disagree >along with your conclusion that people around three clay tablets « commonly sumerian writing » . > I can not give an explanation for parallels , nevertheless the fact is that they have >pictograms definitely similar with those found in the Djemet-Nasr , it >try carbon old a thousand years prior to , as they are produced from regional clay . And >it definitely is actually clay pills , no doubt about any of it , used in a burial place , >and very distinct from the more well-known ceramic signs discovered >throughout the southeastern European countries , in both function along with function . > The issue is the introduction off simply this type of three tablets about > »Vinca » society seems , graphically , pushed by >not enough a better explanation , an alternate state as being the clear >isolation and you can distant keeping the brand new tablets regarding >the remainder ( whenever they in fact belong to a great proto-mediterranean people , >more widespread than it is ascertained today ) .